CFISD teacher accused of cutting student’s hair without permission

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The mother of a 4th-grade student is calling on Cy-Fair ISD to fire a teacher who she says cut her daughter’s hair without her permission.

The incident happened during summer school classes at Woodard Elementary School.

Isabella Redman, 10, says she was building a coding robot when she held it close to her ear to listen for sounds to make sure it was working. That’s when the wheels on the mini machine got caught in her hair.

Isabella said only a few strands were stuck, but when she alerted her teacher, she said the woman grabbed a pair of scissors.

“People were saying cut it, cut it. I told the teacher (that) I wanted my mom (to be) called, and that my mom will get mad at you if you do that. But she didn’t listen. She literally just cut my hair in front of everyone,” she said.

Isabella said the teacher cut off several inches of hair in large chunks, and what was once shoulder-length hair, was now bangs on one side of her face.

“I was literally crying all the way home because people were making fun of me,” she said.

Isabella’s mother filed a complaint with CFISD police.

“How dare she touch my child without anybody calling and consulting me. I think she should definitely be fired,” Melissa Redman said.

A spokesperson for CFISD told KPRC 2 News the incident is under investigation.

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