Meals on Wheels looking out for Houston’s most vulnerable during heat wave

During these triple-digit temperatures

HOUSTON – Meals on Wheels delivers 4,000 meals to homebound seniors across Harris and Galveston counties every day, and they also do daily wellness checks.

“It lets us know we’re really not forgotten. They’re going to do what they need to do to get one nutritional meal a day,” said Meals on Wheels recipient, Sylvia Gilbert.

The daily wellness checks are especially important this week as temperatures in our area rise to the triple digits.

“We’ll certainly increase our watch on these seniors. We are working with the health department if people need aid. I know it’s supposed to be hotter next weekend, so we’ll do our best on that front,” said CEO of Interfaith Ministries, Martin B. Cominsky.

According to ERCOT, the Texas Power Grid is operating at normal conditions, meaning there is enough power for the current demand.

The hope is that it continues to hold and keeps power outages at bay.

But Meals On Wheels has already been making sure our community’s most vulnerable will be taken care of.

“We do provide fans to our Meals on Wheels clients and we’re also providing water for them. We’ll be delivering bottles of water. We just delivered hurricane meals so in case we can’t get to a client with a daily meal, they at least have five days of meals to at least be able to take care of themselves,” said Cominsky.

Meals on Wheels said it trains drivers to look out for any seniors who may be having difficulties during the heat and said anyone can help, too.

“Just please look after your neighbor, let us know if they need help, and do what you can to support them during this very hot time,” said Cominsky.