City of Uvalde police will cooperate with shooting probe, house committee says

The chair of the House committee investigating the police response to the Robb Elementary School shooting said Uvalde police will cooperate with the investigation. A day prior, Republican State Rep. Dustin Burrows told reporters that cooperation was a question mark.

“We had several conversations today with the city of Uvalde, city of Uvalde police department, we are going to actually have people, witnesses testifying to us from their department, they agreed to that,” said Burrows. “So it took a little bit longer than originally expected but those conversations did develop through the day, so they are going to be cooperating with us.”

On Friday, the committee heard testimony from two school teachers and two ISD police officers. All testimony was again given behind closed doors. All those who testified declined to speak with reporters.

Committee members started their day touring Robb elementary school. After the tour, the three committee members laid a wreath at the memorial to the 19 students and two teachers murdered by an 18-year-old gunman.

“The gravity of it is really immeasurable and does not have words of significance I can express,” said Burrows.

Burrows also took time to speak with a man described as a “family member”, who has attended these hearings and questioned why information was being gathered behind closed doors. Burrows relayed part of that conversation. The man declined to speak with KPRC 2.

“Before this committee is willing to announce what we believe is to be factual, accurate information, we want to hear from all sides and all different viewpoints,” said Burrows. “It’s the best way that we know that works and we believe in it, and it’s only to try to get to the bottom of it and look you in the eye and say, ‘Sir, this is what I believe to be true.’”

When asked if school district police chief, Pete Arredondo, had agreed to testify Burrows responded, “not yet.”

On Friday night, Uvalde’s Superintendent released a statement, saying Texas School Safety Center has conducted an audit to help them better secure campuses

Additionally, the Las Vegas Raiders foundation donated $1 million to help harden campuses.

The committee will resume hearing testimony in Uvalde on Monday. The committee then returns to Austin Tuesday for another hearing.

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