Hundreds participate in March for Our Lives rally at Houston’s City Hall

HOUSTON – On Saturday, Houston’s City Hall was packed with hundreds of people for the “March for Our Lives” event.

“Safety is our right, and we refuse to settle for anything less,” one speaker said.

From powerful messages, and poems people said enough is enough when it comes to gun control and violence.

“I think we’ve had enough of the division, enough of the lies, enough of going through the same thing time after time with nothing being done about it,” another speaker said.

People held signs that had different messages about the Uvalde mass shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead, banning assault rifles, and making many demand policy change.

Supporters say it was important for them to speak out.

“I came out here because I’m just tired of seeing so many children on the news being slaughtered, and I think enough is enough,” Brooke Williams said.

“We need Red flag policies, making sure there is background checks, just common-sense gun policies,” former Houston City Council Member Amanda Edwards said. “In addition, for those that are also talking about mental health issues, I would like to see the budgets accompany that and reflect that.”

There were several guest speakers including Commissioner Rodney Ellis, council member Abby Kamin and Mayor Slyvester Turner who showed their support.

“Rally, we must. Speak up, we must. But until we show up at the ballot box and until people start losing their jobs on Election Day things are not going to change,” Mayor Turner said.

From City Hall, people marched through downtown to the office of Republican Senator Ted Cruz and yelled to ‘Vote him out!’

People say they will continue to fight for change when it comes to gun reform and legislation.

“We have to show that we are trying because we have to show that we are not going to stand for this,” Elizabeth Ramirez said.

Houston police say close to 600 people participated in Saturday’s march. People also had the opportunity to register to vote.

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