Suspect killed during attempted robbery in SW Houston after accidentally being shot by himself or accomplice, HPD says

Here's what we know

HOUSTON – This is one Houston Police Department investigation where the person killed is not the victim, according to authorities.

Investigators said a plot to rob a man backfired in a deadly way Tuesday afternoon.

The southwest Houston community is still trying to process the news after police said two suspects tried to rob a man in the 600 block of Skyline around 5:30 p.m.

“That victim reported that he was walking down Skyline when a car pulled up and two males got out of that car and attempted to rob him. During the robbery, they shot him once in the leg,” said HPD Lieutenant Larry Crowson.

Investigators said the victim was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive.

“You usually don’t hear that out here. What you here is mostly fights,” said neighbor Felipe Reyes.

Crowson said one of the robbers was also shot, either by himself or the other suspect.

“One of the robbers was accidentally shot by the other robber or shot himself. They both got in the car and left,” Crowson said.

Police said the suspects drove to the nearby Windswept Gardens Apartments complex where it’s believed at least one of them may live.

When they arrived, investigators said the injured suspect was dragged inside the apartment building where he died.

“Dumb criminals. Dumb criminals, man… wow,” Reyes said. “Like, I mean, that was very stupid. Like, whatever happened, it was uncalled for and it was just stupid, plain stupid.”

Right now, it’s unclear what property, if any, was stolen from the victim.

The surviving suspect is now facing a robbery charge and possibly manslaughter or murder charges pending the investigation.

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