‘We went to our corner’: 2nd grader describes surviving Uvalde elementary school shooting

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UVALDE, Texas – A Robby Elementary School second-grader described Tuesday’s shooting to KPRC 2 News.

“They were very loud,” said Robb Elementary second-grader Madison Saiz as she describes Tuesday’s shooting while standing by her family member, Andrea Garcia.

“My teacher went to go look at what was happening outside,” Saiz recalled. “We went to our, the whole classroom, to a corner (and hid).”

Authorities said a gunman entered the school filled with second, third, and fourth-graders, killing 19 students and two adults.

“Some were crying,” the 8-year-old said about her classmates. “Some were scared.”

Garcia said two of her nieces were injured.

“They are all at the hospital in San Antonio. They’re recovering, so that’s the good thing about it,” she said.

Saiz said when police entered the classroom, they asked how many students were inside.


At Memorial Fountain, in the center of town on Yorkchester Drive, is a growing memorial for the 21 victims.

“It’s just hard,” said Kimberly Barboza. “We have kids as well, it could have been anybody. We can’t even imagine what these families are going through.”

Barboza and Anthony Lopez traveled to Uvalde from San Antonio. Lopez’s two kids live in the city with their mom. He said his youngest son attends Robb Elementary School but wasn’t there the day of the shooting.

“I thank God he didn’t go to school that day. Just the thought of it crossing your mind, you never know when it’s going to be their last,” Barboza said. “You kiss your kid every day (and send them) off to school. I mean, you don’t think about something like this happening.”

It took a moment before the four were able to place flowers at each cross.

“It has just been very hard, and it makes me feel good leaving them flowers,” Barboza said.

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