Gov. Abbott says he was ‘misled’ about police response to shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, he’s ‘livid’

Abbott will no longer appear in-person at NRA convention in Houston

Gov. Greg Abbott speaks at a news conference in Uvalde following the shooting at Robb Elementary. (Copyright 2022 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

HOUSTON – Governor Greg Abbott did not make an in-person appearance at the NRA convention in Houston Friday due to him being scheduled to hold a news conference in Uvalde.

During the news conference, he said that he was “misled” about the police response to the shooting at the elementary school in Uvalde, and he’s “livid.”

In his earlier statements, the governor told a news conference, that he was repeating what he had been told.

“The information that I was given turned out, in part, to be inaccurate,” he said.

Abbott, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick were all scheduled to attend the event. There’s no word if Sen. Cruz and Lt. Gov. Patrick are still planning to attend. Former President Donald Trump, who is scheduled to speak, said Wednesday he still plans to attend.

On Wednesday, the NRA issued a statement expressing its deepest sympathies for the victims of “this horrific and evil crime” and saluting the school officials and first responders who responded to the shooting.

“Although an investigation is underway and facts are still emerging, we recognize this was the act of a lone, deranged criminal,” the statement read. “As we gather in Houston, we will reflect on these events, pray for the victims, recognize our patriotic members, and pledge to redouble our commitment to making our schools secure.”

The group did not immediately respond to questions about whether it would alter plans for the meeting or if any more speakers had withdrawn from the event. After the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, the NRA opted to scale down its convention which was scheduled to happen days later and a few miles away.