Wellborne Cinema Theater in Alvin will stay open after being in danger of closing

ALVIN – The Wellborne Cinema Four Theater in Alvin was in danger of closing but spoiler alert, all sides have agreed to work together to keep it open.

A victory for the theater owner Andrew Thomas and the company.

“Even when I was a kid, this was the theater I came to. I saw the Little Mermaid with my mom and brothers,” Thomas said.

In the small town of Alvin, the theater has been a staple in the community for over 50 years.

Back in February 2020, Thomas says he signed a five-year lease extension for the space, and two weeks later the pandemic shut them down.

“The theater industry, in general, has been really rocky since then,” Thomas said.

In the last few months, Thomas says he spent over $40,000 renovating the theater for reopening.

“This theater is not just a business for us, my wife would always say it’s like our fourth child. We really love it, and want it to be the best version possible,” he said.

The theater was under a threat to close but after a community push, it will remain open.

The owner posted the following statement on Facebook:

“Our landlord has agreed to a plan to keep the theater in Alvin and hopefully open and thriving for many years to come. She understands the value to the community the theater represents and is engaged in the effort to keep it here.”

Thomas says he is grateful for community members who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Wellborne Cinema Four remains stays in Alvin.

“They really want this to work,” he said. “It’s not just the theater. The thing that’s so heartwarming about it is that they care about our family specifically, so they want it to work out,” he said.

Thomas says his goal is to reopen the theater by June 10.

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