‘Just going around creating havoc’: Investigation underway after several tires, cars damaged in Third Ward

5 cars were found with the tires slashed

HOUSTON – Houston police are looking into a string of slashed tires in the Third Ward area near Hutchins and Jefferson.

Police said at least five vehicles were damaged on Monday, May 16.

Investigators said the passenger side tires of each of the vehicles were slashed.

Victim Jamal Talley said he was on his way to pick up his kids when he noticed his tire was flat.

“I didn’t notice it until I drove off and read the sensors on the car, it read zero. Zero air in the tires on the passenger side,” he said. “That’s when I pulled over to the gas station and tried to put air in it and that’s when I noticed the hole.”

His tires are under warranty so he was able to replace them, but the damage isn’t done. Talley said the dealership told him he needs to replace interior sensors.

“I also have to get some further repairs done, especially more bodywork done with that hole in the front,” said Talley.

He said the total cost to repair will be between$9,000 - $10,000.

He and his neighbors are on a fixed income and don’t know how they’ll pay for the damages.

“So, that set me back,” said retired contractor Darryl Boudreaux.

He, like Talley, was unaware of the flat tires when he tried running errands Monday morning.

“I tried to pull off and it hesitated to move, and [my neighbors] said, ‘man your tires are out,’” Boudreaux recalls.

“Just going around creating havoc, wreaking havoc,” said David Norman, who is unable to replace both damaged tires.

Norman said he had to cancel his plans because he didn’t know how to get there.

“[I’m] mad, angry... All the above,” Norman said.

The Houston Police Department’s property and financial crimes division is investigating the incidents as criminal mischief.

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