Taking TikTok by storm: a dog named Ava, an Emu named Blue, an unlikely friendship that brings smiles all around

ROSENBERG, Texas – Taking TikTok by storm is a dog named Ava and an emu named Blue.

The two live on a farm in Rosenberg. Their unlikely friendship will make you smile.

Jennifer Walters is the founder of Goldcolt Rescue, a nonprofit that gives horses a second chance.

“As far as he was concerned, he was a dog,” laughed Walters. “Absolutely the day I brought the emu home, and he was about the size of a nerf football, with a neck, and she was absolutely just obsessed. They became the best of friends. We kept Blue in the house for the first few months, so they stayed side by side and she took care of it like it was her puppy. Then we started bringing him outside and we found out he imprinted to her, so anywhere she went, he would go, so we would play fetch and then he learned how to play fetch just like a dog, so I think for the first part of his life, he had no idea he was an emu.”

Today, two years later, their relationship is still going strong.

“With him being so big, she is a little more intimidated, but they still spend a lot of time around each other, interacting,” explained Walters. “On TikTok, the peculiar lie has garnered millions of views and thousands of followers. They do these things called zoomies, and in cold mornings, they will chase each other around and it’s like roadrunner, so they will get out and just run, it’s the funniest thing to watch, they will chase each other and then they will stop and jump up and wiggle their necks.”

Walters plans to author children’s books about their bond.

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