Houston Newsmakers: Political fallout amid Roe v. Wade

Also: Breaking down the path Supreme Court Justices likely to take; ‘Apollo 8′ at the George Theater

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While the conflict rages across the nation about abortion, one expert says it can often be a result of poor healthcare. That’s according to Dr. Rola El-Serag, the Director of the Center for Health & Biosciences at Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.

“We’re at the bottom of the list when it comes to things like obtaining prenatal care in the first trimester, which of course is a significant determinant of outcomes in pregnancy,” she said. “We’re also at the bottom of the list when it comes to affordability as well as access to healthcare.”

The conversation this week is NOT about pro-choice vs pro-life but rather the view from a medical professional about the realities of maternal healthcare.

See her NEWSMAKERS EXTRA segment here as well.

A Supreme Court change in ideological direction?

If you thought the Roe vs Wade decision that gave women the right to an abortion was based on a right to privacy as mentioned in the constitution, you’d be wrong!

“Because there is no privacy clause,” said UH Professor of Law Seth Chandler. “There are rights to be protected from warrantless searches. There are rights to free speech. There are rights not to have troops quartered in your house, but the word privacy does not appear in the constitution.”

Professor Chandler breaks down the legal path Supreme Court Justices are likely taking as they decide the future of abortion rights in the United States.

Who wins the political battle?

No matter what the decision is, both political parties hope to use it for political gain.

“In certain states like Texas where only half of the voters or a little less turnout for midterm elections, if you can get viable voters to turn out who otherwise wouldn’t turn out, that’s a good thing,” said Baker Institute Political Science Fellow Dr. Mark Jones. “That can help Democrats.”

Jones said there is also a significant downside for Democrats as well and we talk about it on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall.

Apollo 8 on the Stage

Jayme McGhan is the Artistic Executive Director of the AD Players at the George Theater. He is also the writer for the screenplay Apollo 8 that’s making its world premiere now at the “George” in this NEWSMAKERS EXTRA.

McGhan talks about what went into researching and writing about a topic in which all Houstonians should have a keen interest.

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