Medical Bridges, Texas Children’s Hospital collecting medical supplies and sending them to Ukrainian refugees

TCH and Medical Bridges getting help to Ukraine

HOUSTON – It’s been almost three months since the attack on Ukraine began, and we have heard countless stories about people living in dire conditions.

It has sparked donation drives across the globe, including one hosted by Texas children’s hospital.

Several items were collected and are now headed to Ukraine.

Medical Bridges of Houston is continuing their efforts to help those in need.

The nonprofit is dedicated to bridging the healthcare gap worldwide by procuring and distributing medical equipment and supplies.

The Medical Bridges warehouse on Magnet Street is filled with boxes and supplies.

On Wednesday, KPRC 2 captured crews loading up pallets from Texas Children’s Hospital and putting them inside trucks.

“We pick up medical equipment and supplies from the Texas Medical Center hospitals from doctors, nurses and occasionally from individuals, and we then work closely to make sure it’s in good shape and ship it around the world to people who literally have nothing,” Walter Ulrich said.

Walter Ulrich serves as the President and CEO of Medical Bridges.

He says since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, the organization has already sent about $127,000 worth of trauma and wound-related material, plus 20 pallets of medical equipment supply were airlifted to help those in need and that’s not all.

“Partnering with Texas Children’s, we put together 36 pallets of hygiene material. Things that mommy and babies need to take care of their children, and in addition, we have sent three clinics in a box to the region. These are 40-foot doctor’s office in a box,” Ulrich said.

Texas Children’s Hospital shared a video with KPRC2 that shows physicians checking out a pregnant woman from Ukraine. The physicians are seen using technology that can check on unborn babies by being connected to a phone. A company named Butterfly iQ + Ultrasound System donated the equipment to Texas Children’s Hospital.

It’s just one example of the lifesaving equipment that’s needed in Ukraine, and Medical Bridges is grateful to bridge the healthcare gap worldwide.

“To be able to do something in my life that helps people be healthier and save their lives, what a joy and personal blessing for me,” Ulrich said.

Medical Bridges says they will continue to collect supplies.

If you would like to help, you can donate unused medical equipment. Click the link for more information.

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