Woman steals, takes 52-foot Jefferson Monticello ‘Loyalty’ yacht on joyride, Galveston PD says

Renee Waguespack, 45, has been charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle. (KPRC)

GALVESTON, Texas – Renee Waguespack took the beautiful Jefferson Monticello “Loyalty” out for a ride to stretch its sea legs, but there was just one problem, she did not have permission to do so, according to Galveston police.

At 11:45 a.m. Monday, officers with the Galveston Police Department received a call that the 52-foot motor yacht had been sailed away from its berth at 6130 Heards Lane.

Assistance in locating the craft was requested from the United States Coast Guard and the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

At 1 p.m., Galveston County Sheriff’s deputies reported that “Loyalty” had been located, moored to a pier at 7509 Broadway.

Galveston police officers made their way there and located Waguespack aboard the vessel.

After transporting Waguespack to the Galveston County Jail, it was discovered that she had secreted approximately 4 grams of contraband on her person. She was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled substance, which because of the weight of the contraband is a third-degree felony. The contraband was presumptively identified as methamphetamine and will be further tested for definitive identification, police said.

In addition to the drug possession charges, Waguespack, 45, has been charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle, which is a state jail felony.