National Nurses Week: Cypress nurse leads class for teens mom about newborn care

Cypress nurses leads classes for teen moms

CYPRESS – This week starts National Nurses Week.

Toni Amequito is a Registered Nurse at Memorial Hermann - Cypress who also leads classes for new moms. Some of the classes have been around for a while, but in her class, she teaches teenage moms about newborn care and lactation.

Amequito was 19 years old when she had her first daughter, which helps her understand the difficulty and vulnerability that comes with being a teen parent.

Now, Amequito wants her class to be one that helps set teenage parents on a path to success.

“Every mom can come to the group and feel welcome. It doesn’t matter about your dynamic at home or whether or not you are with the father of the baby or you live at home with your mom taking care of the baby,” Amequito said. “I just want everyone to feel welcome and know that this is a safe place where you can come and learn how to take care of your baby.”

This time of year when we are showing our appreciation for nurses, Amequito said she has never lost her appreciation for being able to do this job.

Now, her daughter is 20-years-old and following in her footsteps in nursing school.

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