Park-goer walking dog with girlfriend at Memorial Park forced to shoot at ‘would-be’ burglars: HPD

HOUSTON – What officials say was supposed to be a peaceful trip to Memorial Park turned violent and dangerous Wednesday night around 9:30 when burglars targeted a car in a parking lot near East Memorial Loop and Arnot.

Instead of getting away with stolen property, the suspected bad guys were met with a fiery surprise.

“Our officers arrived on the scene and met with a complainant who witnessed his vehicle being broken into,” said Houston Police Department Lieutenant Mike Barrow.

On top of that, Houston police say one of the three would-be burglars had a gun, but so did the victim.

”The complainant took a shot and missed,” Barrow said.

No one was hurt, according to Barrow, who says officers patrolling the area were able to respond almost immediately. P

olice caught one suspect, Billy Ray Chavis, and arrested him. The other two suspects ran away.

Park-goers say they’ll be more vigilant.

“It’s shocking to hear that something like that could happen here,” said Abiel Cano.

”Today’s world is very scary,” said Cindy Dickerson.

HPD says they have ramped up security in the park because they want the public to feel safe.

Investigators and the victim, who declined an interview, hope someone who knows where the other two suspects are, will give authorities a call.

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