4/20 shines light on booming CBD business

HOUSTON – In Texas, CBD has been legally sold since 2019 and the popularity is booming among local favorites like 8th Wonder Brewery, Ruggles and Kickin Kombucha.

Even Houston rapper Bun B recently released a seltzer with 8th Wonder Brewery, made with product from Bayou City Hemp.

The General Manager and VP of operations at Bayou City Hemp said there are health benefits with CBD including relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits.

“With the opioid crisis going on, I think a lot of people have turned to CBD because not only is it non-addictive, it’s a lot more readily available. We also produce things like CBN which is good for sleep and we have CBDV now which helps with muscular dystrophy and Parkison’s and other ailments of that sort,” Stephen Horton said.

The FDA recognizes there are benefits to explore with CBD but says they haven’t been well studied yet. Since there is no government regulation, they say there’s concern that store products could contain too much, not enough, or no CBD at all.

Bayou City Hemp Company has a scientist on staff who works to maintain quality control to ensure their product is held to a higher standard.

No matter what the medicinal data eventually reveals, with the CBD market growing in popularity, it just might be here to stay.