Way to go! Devarjaye Daniel gets sworn in by NYPD, FBI-New York

We have a Bells for Abigail coming to us from New York City.

The little cancer fighter who is on a mission to honor Abigail Arias has just added a high-profile badge to his collection.

Devarjaye Daniel was sworn in Wednesday afternoon by the New York Police Department.

The 10-year-old jokester had everyone in stitches. As the ceremony ended he said, “that was the shortest one I ever heard.”

Devarjaye arrived in New York City with his family and Freeport Police Chief Ray Garivey on Tuesday.

They were also able to squeeze in another ceremony earlier on Wednesday. He was sworn in by the FBI’s New York office.

Devarjaye made headlines in early 2022 by setting a goal of being sworn in by 100 law enforcement agencies.

He has surpassed that, by far.

His new number after two ceremonies on Wednesday is 387.