Mayor Sylvester Turner to take immediate action on sale of stolen catalytic converters with new ordinance

Mayor Turner's proposal to combat thefts

HOUSTON – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is taking an immediate initiative to crack down on the sale of catalytic converters.

“We are going to be putting forth an ordinance that says we cannot resell these catalytic converters,” said Turner during an interview Monday morning.

The mayor was direct with the assessment of the rise in catalytic converter thefts and the end goal of criminals.

“They’re not stealing them to take to their home and put on the shelf and look at them,” said Turner in reference to the resale of stolen converters.

The mayor said he is working with the city’s legal department to get an ordinance on the books within 30 days but adds some of the buyers of catalytic converters should use common sense when sellers walk through their front doors.

“If for example, people are bringing these catalytic converters to these businesses by five, six, the dozens... well come on, now. Common sense will tell you that they didn’t get a legitimate way,” he said.

Mayor Turner did have a message for converter thieves.

“Instead of taking a catalytic converter, get a job,” said Turner, who added, “There is nothing wrong with that.”

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