Loved ones hold vigil to remember pregnant 20-year-old shot to death in SW Houston

HOUSTON – Family and friends gathered together Friday to hold a vigil for 20-year-old Dontia Clark after she was shot and killed in her southwest Houston apartment.

Clark’s body was discovered on April 8.

Loved ones said she was several weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

“It’s hard for me to go to sleep. It’s hard for me to wake up, those are my hardest times‚” said Dontia’s mother Tasha. “My baby just steady going through my mind.”

Tasha said family members obtained surveillance video the night before Dontia’s body was discovered.

It shows a person wearing black running in and out of the apartment.

“It was 1:24 a.m. to 1:36 a.m. from the time he came and ran in and ran out,” Clark said.

The mother-to-be was found dead the very next day.

Tasha is asking anyone with information on her daughter’s death or the person seen in the video to come forward with information.

“I need justice for my baby,” Tasha said. “Her life was taken away from her, my grandbabies life was taken away.”

Houston police are investigating this case but have not yet made any arrests.

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