Truck drivers report waiting up to 11 hours to cross into Texas from Mexico amid extra checks at border

Truck drivers crossing into Texas through the Pharr International Bridge say they’re tired frustrated, and very uncomfortable.

”Muchas, muchas horas,” said Ubaldo Hernandez who, as of 6:30 p.m. Thursday, told KPRC 2 he had spent many hours in line for his truck to be inspected by the Texas Department of Public Safety so he could continue to his destination and drop off his avocado delivery.

Last week in what Governor Greg Abbott called an effort to stop illegal drug and migrant trafficking, he ordered DPS to perform extra checks on trucks crossing the border.

Hernandez was one of the countless drivers jammed in gridlock trying to enter Texas from Mexico through the Pharr International Bridge because of the extra wait time.

”I’m tired and stressed,” Hernandez said.

More produce enters through the Pharr bridge than any other land port in the country.

Another driver, Juan Jose Perez was trying to drop off his load of papayas, brown chili peppers, avocados, and other produce.

He says in addition to being frustrated because of the delayed delivery times, he’s also uncomfortable having to basically just sit and wait because of checks on both sides of the border.

”We have to come prepared with water, lunch, and everything because there isn’t anywhere to get it around the bridge, or use the bathroom,” Perez said.

Meanwhile, Abbott has already lifted the measures at least two points of entry at bridges from Nuevo Leon and Chihuahua where he says Mexican officials have vowed to implement more stringent security measures.

”Since Chihuahua has given [the] plan to secure the border, returning to random searches on the bridge, as a result the bridge from Chihuahua to Texas will return to normal immediately,” Abbott said in a press conference Thursday.

But many wonder how long it’ll be before agreements are reached with other Mexican land port cities.

”Slow, the line is moving very slow,” Hernandez said.

Abbott says he’s looking forward to meeting with other Mexican officials soon to hopefully come up with a sufficient plan to end the extra checks here in Texas.

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