Fake Chick-fil-A signs prompt hilarious social media response from Wharton County police

See some of the best responses we found on the social media posting

Photos released by Wharton Police Department showing the signs with fake information indicating that a Chick-fil-A is coming to the area -- it's not. (Wharton Police Department, Wharton Police Department)

WHARTON COUNTY, Texas – A Chick-fil-A is not coming to Wharton, police say.

Those signs you may have seen along the road were fakes, police say, but the joy surrounding the revelation on social media kind-of makes up for the disappointment.

Not really, y’all -- but humor us.

On Sunday, Wharton police posted on Facebook that it was “actively seeking information on the identity of the infamous ‘Original Prankster.’”

The post read, in part, “This heartless individual has strategically placed a sign promising a ‘Chick-Fil-A coming soon’ at the major intersection of Richmond & FM1301. A witness said this act was ‘Udderly heinous and heartless.” The chief has allocated additional resources to find the source of this capital offense.”

See the full post below, but here are some of our favorite reactions to the fun public service announcement:

Especially this one featuring the fast food chain’s spokesanimal -- the cow -- that it features on its elaborate billboards.

A screen still of a message shared by Wharton police on the social media post from April 10, 2022. (Facebook/Wharton Police Department)

Randal Poag: “That suspect does look a lil shysty...but I’m in utter disbelief that red stick man didn’t horn in on this situation and stop that suspect from spreading that bull...but I’m sure the suspect will milk the truth...

Randy Gallman: “Another Cowpital Offense?”

Wharton Police Department: “This is a joke! As the Chief, I promise that the only resources used to solve this prank was to go buy some popcorn and read these comments!”

Elizabeth Ramey Kalina: “What has happened to this world, no respect for the dreams and hopes of prospective customers.”

Jerry L. Williams Jr.: “In his defense, El Campo has a bunch of old signs with promises of things that were coming but never showed lol”

Connell Deshun Green: “I see it so differently in my Eyes!!! Someone Might Be Just Manifesting their next Steps in Owning their on Chick-fil-a in Wharton”

Wharton PD is actively seeking information on the identity of the infamous “Original Prankster”. This heartless...

Posted by Wharton Police Department on Sunday, April 10, 2022

The closest Chick-fil-A to the Wharton Police Department is 24734 Southwest Freeway in Rosenberg, Texas -- about 25 miles away, according to the Chick-fil-A website locations page.

What do you think? Should Wharton get a Chick-fil-A? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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