Ground stop lifted at Hobby Airport after runway lighting issue resolved, officials say

Here's what we know

The ground stop at William P. Hobby Airport has been lifted after officials resolved a runway lighting issue.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued the ground stop at Hobby Airport Monday evening.

On its Twitter page, Hobby Airport said its crews resolved the wiring and transformer issues that caused the lightning outage on runway 4/22.

For hours, there were no incoming or outgoing flights.

Passengers grew frustrated as the afternoon progressed, with many huddled around arrival and departure boards throughout the terminal.

“We’re just told to wait here,” said Tatiana Barakat.

Barakat hoped to return to Chicago’s Midway airport. She said she checked with Southwest Airlines throughout the afternoon for answers, but instead, she said she received alerts of delayed flights.

“It was pushed to seven, then eight and then 10. Now I’m supposed to get into Midway Chicago at 1:23 a.m.,” she said.

Another traveler, Freddy Diaz, said he feared he would not make his connecting flight to Venezuela.

“Oh, my God. It affects me much because tomorrow I’m going to travel to Venezuela so the connection is different. So, I think I’m gonna lose my other flight,” Diaz said.

As passengers kept focused on their cellphones, searching for a way out, others tried to get answers as to why they had been sidelined.

“Basically, they said the runway lights were out. But that’s been over three hours ago,” said Sandra Mundine, who was traveling to New Orleans. “It’s frustrating but what can you do? I’m not the only one who can’t fly out.”

Many travelers were left scrambling, hoping for a flight cancellation as opposed to a delay.

Marilyn Hyland said she figured out her own solution to get her to Birmingham.

“I just rented a car. I’m going to drive all night and I’m trying to get my baggage and they said, ‘No, you can’t get your baggage, you gotta pick it up in Birmingham,’” she said.