Bells for Abigail: 3-year-old cancer fighter Ryatt Cook rings the bell

HOUSTON – Ryatt Cook is just three years old, but he has already overcome one of the biggest challenges he will have in his life.

He was diagnosed with pediatric follicular lymphoma last year. It is a rare cancer and it was difficult to diagnose.

Once doctors identified the cancer, Ryatt went through four cycles of chemotherapy.

Going to frequent hospital visits and getting rounds of chemo would be difficult for anyone, especially for a child. But Ryatt’s family said he was full of joy and hope the entire time.

Then came the day they had been waiting for, March 17. That is the day he rang the end-of-treatment bell.

Ryatt was excited to ring the bell and did it triumphantly and proudly.

We share these stories in honor of Abigail Arias, who was an honorary police officer with the Freeport Police Department.

Before she gained her Heavenly wings, she was an angel here on earth who inspired children with cancer to keep fighting.

If your child has battled cancer, please send us video of their end-of-treatment bell ringing. Upload it to