Cleanup begins after Round Rock neighborhood damaged by tornado

Round Rock is located in Williamson County

ROUND ROCK, Texas – The mayor of Round Rock, Texas said the funnel cloud that appeared on the south side of the city during Monday’s rush hour was actually a tornado.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt (that) it was a tornado,” said Mayor Craig Morgan. “I’m sitting there watching the news and you see it coming right here at Kalahari and hitting the camera, they were spinning.”

Mayor Morgan said funnel clouds were spotted near the Kalahari Resorts around 5 pm, but he quickly lost track of it.

“When that actually hit, we weren’t under a tornado warning we were under a tornado watch most of the day,” Morgan added. “I just think our citizens were prepared and we were just fortunate there was no loss of life. We can repair the property.”

The tornado, which hasn’t officially been confirmed by the National Weather Service, destroyed the roof of the home Dan Williams who has lived in Round Rock for more than 17 years. It also damaged four of his trees.

Williams said he was on the internet when he heard the tornado rip through his Kensington neighborhood like a fast-moving train.

“I looked out the window, and all of a sudden everything started to turn and blow and I saw a tree go by me and a screen blow off.”

Williams said the twister jumped from house to house, sparing some but destroying others.

“It was here for two minutes and then it was gone,” he said. “But for those two minutes, it just did all kinds of damage.”

As the sun came out Tuesday, so did the power tools and selfless neighbors. Everyone worked together to restore what the storm might have damaged, but couldn’t break.