Owner of security company offers safety tips following restaurant shooting

Here's what we know

HOUSTON – Houston police said dozens of people were inside a sushi restaurant when a man fired a shot into the ceiling on Monday night.

While no one was hurt, it’s not the first incident of gunfire at a restaurant in the Houston area over the past year.

Back in August, Houston police said two men died after they were shot while dining on the patio of an Italian restaurant in the galleria area.

And in July, police said three people were shot in what was called a murder-suicide at the aquarium restaurant downtown.

“If somebody starts shooting in a public place, you and I both know that’s completely uncommon,” said Perfeto Esquibel, owner of Ministerial Executive Protection. “That’s not normal behavior. That’s not civil behavior. That’s not safe behavior.”

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While the details of each case are different, KPRC 2 asked Esquibel what people need to know to help protect themselves in similar situations. He owns a company that’s provided security for religious groups and businesses.

Esquibel said the number one thing you should do is be aware of your surroundings.

“Make sure that you know where your alternate exits are in that building because if a shooting does break out, how can I get myself or my family out of here quickly,” he said.

While each situation is different, he offered some basic principles.

“Run if you can run,” Esquibel said. “Hide if you can’t run, then hide, barricade yourself in a room. Put heavy objects in front of the doors and then finally if that shooter does come in, you’ve got to fight.”

Regarding Monday’s incident, police said they don’t know what the suspect’s intent was but a patron was able to take the gun away from him.