Katy 4th grader raises $1.5K for Ukraine refugees by auctioning off his toys

Great news! The Katy fourth-grader who auctioned off the toys he had outgrown has raised $1.5K for Ukraine refugees.

Garrett Gazda, 10, no longer plays with his Secret Life of Pets, Star Wars and Toy Story toy collections.

“These toys, I just pretty much never play with,” Garrett said. “And I wanted to sell them for like actual money just to keep for myself, but I feel like I have more than enough.”

Garrett came up with a different idea after watching the news.

With his mother’s help, Garrett decided to auction off his unwanted toys to raise money for Ukraine refugees on Facebook.

“Well, people in Ukraine are struggling,” he said. “Ukraine is a peaceful country.”

Garrett hopes the bids go to infinity and beyond.

“Let’s say Jesse was only worth like $10, people might pay me $20 because they know it’s going to help Ukraine with it,” Garrett added.

An anonymous donor plans match 100% of the proceeds, which will be donated to the American Red Cross’ Ukraine mission.