Wharton County Treasurer candidates share similar sentiments as race hangs in limbo by 1 vote

WHARTON COUNTY, Texas – When it comes to the next Treasurer of Wharton County, both candidates say they are excited but also at peace with whatever the outcome may be.

For now, we wait.

”One vote is unheard of,” said Audrey Wessels Scearce who is currently winning with a vote count of 1,882 votes.

That’s just one more than her opponent Christa Lynch Albrecht who currently has one 1,881.

”At first, I was leading by probably under 150 votes, and I thought once they got yesterday’s votes, that it would go one way or the other,” Albrecht said.

Scearce says she also never imagined being in this position. ”Whoever’s in the lead in early voting, typically that’s who wins. So, I had kind of accepted my fate,” she said. “But then, when I heard it was going my way, it was a little overwhelming.”

But, it’s not over yet.

Wharton County Elections Officials say they have until 5 p.m. Thursday to receive mail-in ballots post marked by March 1. Then, they will count those and plan to have the results by 6 p.m.

In the meantime, both candidates share similar sentiments about whatever the final tally is.

”Whatever’s supposed to be, will be,” Albrecht said.

”It’s exciting, and I’m ok with the outcome either way,” Scearce added.

Hypothetically speaking, if there is a tie, officials say there will be an automatic recount, and if that also comes back as a tie, then the decision would come down to a lottery-style drawing.

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