Governor Abbott remains hopeful in primary election

Will address supporters in Corpus Christi at 7:30

CHORPUS CHRISTI – Governor Greg Abbott is expected to address his supporters around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Texas State Aquarium.

This is the primaries - a good way to get a snapshot of how voters are feeling and what issues matter to them.

The governor is moving full steam ahead, hoping for another run for governor come November.

Polls suggest he will likely avoid a runoff. However, Abbott is up against seven other primary candidates, including the most vocal challenger, former Texas Senator Don Huffines, and former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West.

The governor has pushed policies true to his conservative base during his second term, including supporting a border wall, opposing mask and vaccine mandates, and signing the country’s most restrictive ban on abortion.

However, Democrats are touting heavy criticism of Abbott over his response to last year’s February freeze, but his supporters remain hopeful.

“I like his stance on guns and also on border security. I think he has run this state well this whole time. I think he’s got many more years ahead of him I hope,” Patricia Hill, a voter from Rockport said.

Ultimately, Gov. Abbott is expected to win these primaries.

Polls close at 7 pm.

KPRC2′s Rose-Ann Aragon will be covering Gov. Abbott’s campaign from Corpus Christi.