Road rage gunman terrorizes couple on Valentine’s night

HOUSTON, Texas – A woman from the Houston area who identified herself only as Sarah says Valentine’s Day turned into a race to stay alive when she and her boyfriend were chased by an armed man in a dark-colored SUV for 20 minutes after leaving her home in The Heights.

“I was just praying, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me!’” said Sarah, who asked us not to reveal her full name. ”We were just entering the freeway. He cut us off, and we put our brights on, and then he slowed down and our cars got really close to each other, and that’s how it began.”

Suddenly, as the couple was driving down I-10, Sarah says the driver of the other car pulled alongside them and pointed a laser-equipped handgun directly at her boyfriend’s head, firing several shots at them.

”That’s when I looked to my left, and I saw a green laser pointing at us through the window and I said, ‘He has a gun!’ And he shot at us,” she added.

At that point, Sarah says the couple fled to a Target parking lot on Shearn Street where the gunman drove up to their car again, firing several more shots.

Two of those bullets went right through the driver’s side door.

″It felt like we were prey, and like we were being hunted,” she said. “Like he was hunting us down.”

Sarah says the gunman continued chasing them for miles.

She and her boyfriend called 911 and were advised to stay crouched down in the vehicle, put their emergency flashers on, and to try to find a gas station or police station to pull into.

Finally, Sarah says the couple spotted a police car and drove right up next to it with their horn blaring.

She says the cop drove away without doing anything.

After that, Sarah said the man who was chasing them finally disappeared.

Sarah has advice for anyone else who may become the target of road rage:

“My first piece of advice would be to drive to a police station, and stay on the phone with 911 the whole time,” Sarah said.

Houston police are investigating and have surveillance video of the gunman’s SUV inside that Target parking lot.

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