VIDEO: Mother, 2 daughters said to be involved in attack on middle school student at bus stop

CYPRESS – Troubling video obtained by KPRC 2 shows what witnesses say was a ruthless attack of an eight-grade Rowe Middle School student right after she got off the bus near High Stone and Bell Creek on Tuesday.

The people accused in the beating were said to have been a mother, her adult child, and her other younger daughter.

Those at the scene said the three people waited for the student to get off the bus before the brutal attack began.

Sandra Washington says her granddaughter, who is also a student, saw the whole thing unfold.

”This mother, her two daughters, attacking another student, yelling out that they’re part of a 504 gang [and saying] ‘This is how we do it!’” Washington said. “Kicking her in the head, beating her, dragging her. She tried to call the police, they took her phone from her.”

Another cell phone video appears to show the parent with a belt in her hand as the attack continues.

”I know these people personally, and I don’t think it was fair or right for them to be beating on that one little girl like that,” said another parent who did not want to be identified. ”The mother kept screaming, ‘You want to fight my daughter? Fight her one on one!’ and that’s when the girl said, ‘I don’t even know your daughter.’”

Witnesses say only one parent tried to help.

”There were several adults standing around just watching, doing nothing but recording or just watching,” Washington said. “That could’ve turned a whole lot worse than what it was, and it’s just terrifying, and that should be terrifying for every parent in that school district.”

No one seen on the video has been identified.

Cy-Fair Independent School District officials sent KPRC 2 a statement saying school police have been made aware of the incident and they have reached out to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

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