Family demands answers after transgender woman found shot to death near overpass in Channelview

CHANNELVIEW – The family of 38-year-old Martin Caldera, a transgender woman who also went by Martina, held signs and chanted near the area where she was found dead back in December.

“We really just want to know what happened,” said Martina’s brother, Noel Caldera.

Martina’s family told KPRC 2 that Martina was an amazing person, had the best personality, and called everyone on their birthdays.

“He loved everyone, everyone he met loved him. He was always happy singing. He was just a fun guy to be around,” said Noel Caldera.

On Dec. 6, Martina was found dead near an overpass on the East Freeway and Sheldon in Channelview.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators thought Martina was hit by a car but it was later discovered that the victim had been shot several times.

“Me personally, I believe he was killed somewhere else and brought there,” Noel Caldera said.

The family has so many questions about the investigation and told KPRC 2 that they believe Martina was with someone she was possibly in a relationship with.

“My brother did tell me he was in a relationship with a Puerto Rican guy married with kids and he was ready to confront his wife about the relationship,” said Noel Caldera.

“We all accepted him. We didn’t care he was transgendered. That’s what he wanted, that’s what he liked, that’s what he lived,” Martina’s other brother, Paul Caldera, said. “He went by Martin, we called him Martina. We just miss him and we want justice for my baby brother.”

Investigators are working diligently on this investigation. They said all leads and tips are being followed up on and investigated and they do not release details of an open investigation. If anyone has information they are urged to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office homicide unit at 713-274-9100.

KPRC 2 recognizes and respects the pronouns used by the transgender community. We refer to the victim by the chosen pronoun “she,” but acknowledge the pronouns referenced in the direct quotes used by her family.