Harris County Democrats call for removal of GOP Precinct chair for ‘hate speech’ displayed in controversial 2022 resolutions

Calls were called for GOP's removal after controversial resolutions list

HOUSTON – The Harris County Democrats called for the immediate removal of Harris County GOP Precinct Chair Carla Richburg Monday.

The request comes after Richburg is said to have made what many considered to be controversial and hate-filled suggestions in her resolutions for 2022.

According to the Harris County Democratic Party, Richburg’s proposed resolutions for her precinct were described by some in her political party as “offensive” and “promoting… actions that would be unquestionably unconstitutional.”

In a statement, Harris County Democratic Party Chair Odus Evbagharu said a priorities list that Richburg submitted was “hate-filled” and “indefensible and not legitimate political discourse.”

Evbagharu added, “We condemn the promotion of hatred in any form and will continue to call out anyone who attempts to magnify messages of hate.”

According to a document, some of Richburg’s controversial resolutions included that sex education of any kind be prohibited at Harris County public schools, homosexual marriages be considered only as civil unions, and all abortions be banned.

Portions of the ‘Resolutions for 2022′ list are copied exactly as they appear below:

  • “Manditory automatic death penalty will be imposed on charged and indicted individuals found guilty of 1st degree murder of state or local police, and murder of innocent victims of gang warfare, of any kind, murders involving home invasions, kidnapping, and car-jackings or murders in mass.”
  • “All Chinese nationals will be considered, as spies, and will be forcibly removed from the United States of America, including all businesses, schools, and universities.”
  • “Texas will wage war against all invaders into the Texas borders by deadly force and invaders will be considered a terrorist threat to our citizens. After minimum warning, violators will be eliminated if they do not retreat.”

Evbagharu said that not removing Richburg from her position would mean “condoning her actions.”

Harris County Republican Party spokesperson Genevieve Carter says Richburg pulled the resolutions Monday night during an executive committee meeting.

Evbagharu said that not removing Richburg from her position would mean “condoning her actions.”

KPRC 2 has reached out to the Republican Party of Texas and the Harris County Republican Party for further responses. Those will be included in this article once received.

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