Brazoria County politician says someone intentionally cut his brake line in his vehicle

MANVEL, Texas – A Manvel city council member and current candidate for the Brazoria County Precinct 2 Commissioner seat has filed a police report after he claims someone tried to harm him and his family by cutting the brake line to his Toyota Tacoma pickup earlier this week.

“Our mechanic advised that we file a police report because it was not an accident. It was an intentional act,” Dan Davis said. “We also shared the pictures that we had with three other mechanics, and they all confirmed and said the same thing.”

Davis said he is unsure who is behind the alleged criminal act but believes it could be politically motivated and may have something to do with his decision to run against current Brazoria County Precinct 2 Commissioner Ryan Cade in the Republican primary on March 1.

“What we believe is that it could be one of two things. It could be one person coming after me because they see that I’m a Republican in this politically divisive environment in politics, and they don’t like that,” Davis said. “Or two, because of the position that I’m running for, and people don’t want to see me accomplish what we believe are going to accomplish.”

Davis added that he is not accusing Cade of having any part in the crime just that it may have something to do with his decision to run for the seat.

“To whoever did this I say, I forgive you. I don’t hold this against you. But the full weight of the law will be coming down in regards to what happened, especially because this is my family,” said Davis.

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