Houston police investigating after man found dead in apartment

Houston police are investigating

HOUSTON – Investigators spent hours at an apartment complex on Redford Street near Gulf Freeway on Friday after Houston police said a man was found dead inside one of the units.

“The body inside of the apartment is in the later stages of decomposition, but as of right now, we do have evidence that indicates that this is a potential gunshot wound,” said HPD Sgt. Blake Roberts.

Roberts couldn’t say how long the body had been inside the apartment, but he did say the case is being investigated as a homicide.

“There was damage to the threshold of the door around the lock area, so that’s indicative that there was potential forced entry into the apartment at some point,” Roberts said.

Investigators spent part of the evening taking photos and collecting evidence.

“Right now, we believe the male was inside the apartment,” said HPD Lt. Larry Crowson. “For some reason, the maintenance crew went in the apartment, actually found the male in there, and then they called the fire department and police department.”

At the last check, police said they had not established any suspects. Investigators are hoping to learn more after an autopsy is complete.

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