Pearland transgender activist, 11, named Time Kid of the Year finalist

Transgender girl from Pearland stars in new Netflix series

PEARLAND – Kai Shappley, an 11-year-old transgender girl from Pearland, Texas, is in the spotlight once again after she was named a Time Kid of the Year finalist.

Kai, an elementary school student, first made national headlines in April, when she testified about trans rights before the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs. After she was named one of five Kid of the Year finalists, Kai and her mom, Kimberly Shappley, talked to NBC affiliate KXAN of Austin about the motivation behind Kai’s activism.

“I started my activism because I thought it was unfair how they were treating us,” Kai said. “We’ve seen a lot of what’s going on multiple times in history, and it’s just history repeating itself over and over. It’s terrible, so I started speaking out because I wanted that to stop.”

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