Residents complain about delay in COVID-19 test results at FBISD testing site

FORT BEND COUNTY – Several people are sharing their complaints, claiming they haven’t received COVID-19 test results after visiting several sites hosted by Fort Bend County Independent School District weeks ago.

A KPRC 2 viewer reached out through email about the issue.

Similar complaints were also posted in a Facebook group called “FBISD Concerns.”

In the group, people said they visited the testing site located behind the district’s administration building at Wheeler Field House back in early January, and still don’t have their results.

Others shared they were among the nearly 3,000 people tested at Progressive High School on New Year’s Eve.

That testing site, which was held on FBISD property, was organized by Fort Bend County and State Rep. Ron Reynolds of Missouri City.

KPRC 2 spoke with Reynolds days ago concerning delays at that very site, along with issues at pop-up testing locations.

“This is something that we need to tighten up, and I think there should be another prerequisite that there’s an amount of time that you have to get these results,” he said. “Right now, they don’t have any requirements.”

An FBISD spokeswoman said its unfortunate results are delayed and labs are overrun.

She also said if it takes more than a few days to get a result, it becomes pointless.

In a statement, the district also referred people who got tested last week to call IBN Sina Foundation for their results.

A spokesperson for that lab declined to talk, only saying delays in testing is due to sick staff, reagent, and lab supply shortages.

BioGen is another one of the labs affiliated with mass testing events hosted by FBISD.

KPRC 2 visited their Stafford lab on Thursday. A man, who identified himself as John, could not explain what is causing the delays, but said the staff in his building do their part in a timely fashion.