Heights artist transforms property into hand-crafted art

HOUSTON – A local artist has transformed her Houston Heights home into a canvass. Artist Kati Ozanic-Lemberger is using her fence to hang hand-painted tiles that document history.

The rectangle tiles are from 2021, and the square tiles are for 2022.

The paintings that cover the property line at the corner of Adele and Michaux Streets tell a year long story for Ozanic-Lemberger and her community.

“It’s meant a lot to me. It’s been a nice community project. Once I made the corner, you really got the visual,” explained Ozanic-Lemberger. “So we have this fence of hog wire and I have been looking at it for several years saying, ‘God, it’s just perfect to put something.’ And I wasn’t sure what, and on January 1 last year, it dawned on me, drawings.”

The fence is a storyboard of personal experiences, local state and national news headlines.

“This is the day we took Lilly to the airport and then went to the beach. I drew a picture of Governor Abbott wearing a mask. There are drawings of people in the neighborhood. One of my other favorite ones is getting the vaccine,” Ozanic-Lemberger said.

The artist and local teacher said some drawings take 30 minutes and others take a few hours. She said some tiles were emotional to draw.

“So on my mom’s birthday, I did one of her. And in the background, I used it as a background, one that she made for me. I have laughed, cried, gotten angry on things that happened on certain days,” explained Ozanic-Lemberger.

The artist said people from all over the country have been stopping by to admire the year in review artwork.

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