Family, employees, and customers honor Cracker Barrel manager shot and killed during attempted robbery

HARRIS COUNTY – On Sunday night, family, friends, employees, and customers honored the life of 59-year-old Robin Baucom.

Robin Baucom was shot and killed during an attempted robbery early Saturday morning as she was getting ready to start her shift at Cracker Barrel in north Harris County.

“She was my hero. She was my best friend. I called [her] for everything,” Robin’s daughter Tina said.

Her family is heartbroken and cannot believe she is gone. They said she was the pillar of the family and truly enjoyed working and helping others.

“You lose people when they’re, sick and it hurts,” Robin’s sister Gail said. “But this is just a pain that I never ever imagie.”.

A hard worker who dedicated 34 years working at Cracker Barrel. She was a manager at the restaurant on East Airtex Drive near the North Freeway.

Her daughter Tina says she was a force to be reckoned with.

“She was a fireball,” she said. “You don’t mess with her or hers and these employees and her family were hers.”

Robin Baucom was a wife, mother to three children, and grandmother to three grandchildren.

“She knew everybody. She was at the store for so long that she had all these regulars that were always in,” Tina said. “She knew everybody by name.”

A suspect wearing a black hoodie, pants, and shoes decided to end Baucom’s life as she was getting ready to start her shift.

As she was waiting to be let inside, the suspect got out of the passenger side of a gray metallic Dodge Charger and asked Robin when the restaurant opened. The suspect tried forcing himself inside and taking her purse, but she pushed back. Then, he shot her and fled the scene.

“Such a senseless way for her to lose her life. She was just trying to go work to make a living, and she ended up saving her employee’s life,” Gail said.

“This guy. This random guy saw her as an obstacle,” her daughter said. “She was our world.”

Colorful balloons and candles filled the parking lot Sunday afternoon. Family, employees, and even customers like Angelia Richmond, who’s known Robin for 18 years, honored her life.

“It’s not going to be right to walk into Cracker Barrel and not see Robin. It’s not going to be right,” Richmond said.

If you know anything about the attempted robbery and shooting, contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office or Crime stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.eady missed but knows she’s a hero.

“You have no idea. No idea,” she said. “She will be watching over us.”

The family of Robin Baucom says Cracker Barrel has been supportive during this difficult time.

If you know anything about the attempted robbery and shooting, contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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