Attorney running for judge in Brazoria County accused in theft case

PEARLAND, Texas – A Pearland attorney and candidate for judge of Brazoria County Court at Law is facing a legal case of his own.

Documents provided by the Brazoria County District Attorney’s Office say Gregory Rincon is accused of unlawfully appropriating property. The allegations stem from two clients.

Pearland Police said they served arrest and search warrants on Rincon on Thursday and that Rincon is charged with felony theft.

According to the documents from the DA’s office, one man who hired Rincon to help him with a $115,000 personal injury settlement from last October has not received any of the funds as of this week.

The man stated the first check could not be cashed because of insufficient funds and the second one was returned for insufficient funds.

The documents say another man who hired Rincon to help with the settlement of his mother’s estate has, as of this week, yet to receive $56,468 from his settlement.

According to a probable cause document, that man recorded a conversation with Rincon where Rincon told him he used that man’s money by issuing a check to another client.

The document says Rincon stated in the conversation that he used money that he shouldn’t have and that he needed to liquidate assets or borrow money to pay the settlement.

District Attorney Tom Selleck said Rincon posted bond on Thursday and was released.

The DA said the investigation is still open.

KPRC 2 tried reaching out to Rincon to get his side of the story but we have not been able to speak with him yet.