Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee calls on FBI to review pop-up COVID-19 testing sites across Houston

After KPRC 2 reports, congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is calling for an FBI review into those COVID pop-up sites

HOUSTON – Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is calling on the FBI to review pop-up COVID-19 testing sites across the nation, reportedly operating under questionable practices.

Jackson Lee stopped short of calling it misconduct, though she says temporary COVID-19 testing sites are setting up shop across Houston, seemingly defrauding people.

Taking action, the congresswoman sent a letter to the federal government.

“The pop-up sites are just what they say. Pop up and gone. Or pop up, no answers or pop up, the wrong information. I want to see the public protected,” Jackson Lee said.

The congresswoman is calling on the Federal Bureau of Investigations to look into the sites that have people lining up, but warranting no results.

Recently, some people reached out to KPRC 2, saying they either received delayed results, no results, or the sites they visited disappeared with their personal information.

People reported that some of the sites even charged them for the tests, which are actually free, courtesy of the government.

This has not been limited to Houston.

“In San Antonio, the San Antonio Health Department is warning against fake testing sites. These fake sites require a high level of patient information. Local officials say they don’t have a way of knowing where the information collected is going. That’s why the FBI needs to be involved,” the congresswoman said.

As pop-up sites continue to emerge, the State of Texas has no way to regulate them.

KPRC 2 first brought the matter to Jackson Lee at a testing site she helped organize. She was shocked and vowed to get to the bottom of it.

When asked what she thinks needs to be done here in Texas, the congresswoman replied, “Well, I think the state can state policies that indicate beware of pop-up sites. Beware of giving extraordinary information as indicated when we spoke.”

Jackson Lee pointed out that Philadelphia and Chicago are also having an issue.

“I don’t want to stop good Samaritans. I don’t want to stop people who are legitimate. A doctor who comes and says ‘I’m going to do it out of my office,’ but if you do that, you must have a place where the phone does answer.” she advised.

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