Lost dog found more than 1,100 miles away to be reunited with Sugar Land family after 3 years

The dog who disappeared more than 3 years ago was found in Indiana

SUGAR LAND – When the Skelton family’s mixed-breed rescue dog Daisy got loose and disappeared three years ago, they were heartbroken, but they never gave up hope.

The family said they never thought their beloved dog would be found more than 1,100 miles away.

“She was such a good, gentle dog,” said Daisy’s owner, Katrina Skelton.

If a picture tells a thousand words, the Skelton family has a novel of their dog Daisy.

“She was smart. I just couldn’t believe she would’ve done something to get herself in danger,” Skelton said.

In February 2019, Skelton said Daisy got loose and vanished.

“Our back gate was open. She and our other dog got out. We ended up finding our other dog on a website, but Daisy was nowhere to be found,” Skelton said.

On Sunday, Daisy was found all the way in Marion, Indiana.

“She was just wandering around my backyard and we opened the door, and she came right in,” said Tiffany Clay who found Daisy.

Clay took Daisy to a vet who scanned her microchip which linked back to the Skelton’s. While there’s no telling where Daisy was for all this time, after three long years, the Skelton’s search is finally over.

“I still can’t believe it. I don’t think I’ll believe it until I have her in my arms,” Skelton said.

The Skelton kids already have big plans to hug and kiss Daisy once they’re reunited.

Ironically, Katrina Skelton’s mother happens to be from the town next to Marion, Indiana. The family is planning a 16-hour road trip to Indiana Sunday night to go and get Daisy. They say they just hope she remembers them.

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