Spencer Solves It: Family of 4 mourning father’s death surprised with early Christmas

Houston – Christmas traditions like decorating trees and wrapping presents are what helps bring families together.

But, for Jordan Guevara and her three kids, Jesse, Jordan and Isaiah, it’s a time of mourning.

A few months ago, father and husband Jesse Medina died of a massive heart attack at just 40 years old.

His wife found him unconscious in his car and tried to save his life.

“I had to bust all the windows out to get to him,” said Guevara. “His face was already blue, and I knew he was not OK. So, I leaned his chair down as soon as I got in and I just started giving him CPR, trying my best.”

Medina died the next day at the hospital, leaving the family heartbroken and financially strained.

This Christmas season, the children drew pictures of their father to take to his gravesite while their mother agonized over buying gifts.

“It would mean so much to me just to see them happy because they’ve been going through this,” she said. “They cry a lot.”

So, Bill Spencer and the Spencer Solves It team stepped in to try and bring back some joy to the family.

Each child got a special new bicycle and helmet, all courtesy of Academy Sports and Outdoors.

“I like it because it has a little bag on it, and I like the blue color and the pink color,” said 8-year-old Jordan.

Academy also gave the family a $1,000 gift card to buy gifts at the store.

Plus, Laura Alexis, the CEO of Innovative Lasers of Houston, donated $1,500 to Guevara to help out this Christmas.

“It’s really just a blessing to me and my babies to just to see a smile on their face,” she said.

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