Quanell X hoping for outside investigation into potential Brazoria County jury tampering

There has been an ongoing investigation by the Texas Rangers into a former district clerk accused of excluding people of color from being selected on juries.

On Wednesday, Quanell X discussed the latest developments in this case and reiterated the desire for a federal investigation into the allegations.

During the news conference, Quanell X said right now a grand jury is deciding whether to bring charges against the former district clerk, Rhonda Barchak, who is accused of jury tampering.

“It all started with a murder case with an all-white jury,” Quanell X said.

After that, Quanell X said he started asking Brazoria County leaders questions, and shortly after, Barchak resigned.

“She was looking at certain areas and certain demographics where the population was of high minority and she wanted to make sure that we were underrepresented,” Quanell X said.

In November, Barchak’s attorney told KPRC 2 in a statement that “Rhonda did not know the race/ethnicity of any of the parties involved in the cases.”

After pleas for transparency, Quanell X said two weeks ago the FBI stepped in. However, he said the county should have hired an outside law firm to investigate the allegations against Barchak.

“We are not buying that you have the ability to be transparent and independent in the investigation because your office is complicit in it,” Quanell X said.

KPRC 2 reached out to the District Attorney’s Office and the county for comment, but as of Wednesday afternoon, we are still waiting to hear back.

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