Texas Medical Center thanks frontline workers for their service amid COVID-19 pandemic

HOUSTON – Frontline workers within the Texas Medical Center were celebrated with breakfast Thursday morning..

Wenping Dai is a senior cytogenetic scientist at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She said, “I think it gave us a lot of spirit.”

Dai is one of more than 120,000 employees within the largest medical city in the world to feel loved during this pandemic.

Azuka Ibeanu is a pharmacist at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“It’s hard to believe we’re still going through the situation,” she said. “It has been taxiing overall, but I am grateful we are still standing.”

She said the rise of omicron cases in Houston is on her mind. “Definitely concerned, slightly anxious,” she said.

It’s these reasons Bill McKeon, the president and CEO of Texas Medical Center, wants to show frontline workers they’re appreciated.

“We do this to reinforce we are appreciative,” McKeon said. “This is not just about COVID, this is about what they have been doing here for 76 years, here on this campus, and it’s just the small things in life to remind them we are appreciative and we love them for their dedication and passion to really providing the best care in the world.”

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