Several families left homeless on Thanksgiving after fire at apartment complex in southwest Houston

Several apartments on Dashwood Drive in southwest Houston were damaged in a fire

An early morning fire left several families in southwest Houston homeless on Thanksgiving Day.

The fire started at about 2 a.m. Thursday at the Golden Village townhomes located at 11855 Dashwood Dr.

Marino Lopez said he was up prepping for a Thanksgiving feast when the fire started.

“It was scary. Once those flames started lighting up, you better get out the way,” said Marino.

Fire officials said four units were damaged and several others were left without power.

“All I could think is just my family, Lord let me get to my family. Let us get out of here,” said Marino.

Marino’s wife and two children were able to get out safely but lost most of their belongings in the blaze.

His family rushed to the scene early this morning to help try and salvage what was left.

“What is Thanksgiving, right? Is it really composed of turkey and just hanging out and telling good stories. I feel that oftentimes the best way to deliver the message of a true holiday is around the actions that you make, and I think this is one of the ways we can be thankful, right,” said Marino’s younger brother, Steve.

If you would like to help the Lopez family get back on their feet you can visit their GoFundMe.

Fire officials believe the fire may have started in the attic of one of the homes, but said the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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