‘It’s not as crowded’: Black Friday started slowly in Houston area, but picked up throughout the day

Shopping volume has increased throughout the day

HOUSTON – Shoppers said there were smaller crowds and shorter lines for Black Friday shopping in Houston.

Instead of wall-to-wall shoppers Friday morning, Houstonians said that the crowds were much more manageable than in previous years.

“It’s not as crowded as I expected it to be,” said Jeremy Manuel.

“People are really chill and mellow. We’ve been going to all the different stores, buying stuff, getting Christmas presents. It’s been pretty fun,” Darian Levine said.

The frenzy of Black Friday did pick up at about mid-afternoon.

“If you come out here on the day after Thanksgiving, this is what you better expect to see,” said shopper Mike Davis.

It’s unclear what delayed shoppers, but hundreds visited Memorial City mall to try and find some of the year’s biggest deals.

“I bought a jacket, a crop top, and like three or four shirts and I plan on going to go buy some shoes,” said shopper Jennifer Aroh.

According to the National Retail Federation, between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday this year, it expects there will be nearly two million more shoppers than last year.

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