How much it’ll cost you this year to fill up your tank

HOUSTON – According to AAA Texas, gas prices are dropping ahead of a busy Turkey Day travel week, from what we saw earlier in the year, but over all, numbers are significantly higher compared to last year. Here’s how that’s going to affect you road trip budget.

Gas Prices
  • Regular unleaded gas is $3.01 in Houston
  • State wide average is $3.03

Folks are paying roughly a $1.29 more than last year when gas was $1.76, this is the latest data from AAA. This means if you drive a sedan, you’re probably paying $20 more to fill up your tank compared to last year and if you drive a truck, it’s roughly $30 more than what you were used to last year.

Out of the top 5 biggest cities in Texas San Antonio had the cheapest gas.
  • Folks in San Antonio are paying $2.87 a gallon for unleaded regular gas.
  • Followed by Austin, with $2.97 for regular unleaded gas
  • Houston sits at number three.
So if you’re planning to hit the road, here are ways you keep more money in your pocket at the pump:
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Slow down and drive the speed limit
  • And when it’s safe to do so, use cruise control on the highway.

More than 53 million people are expected to hit the road this Thanksgiving, and this holiday is considered the most dangerous driving holiday with the most fatal accidents.

In fact, it’s number one, ahead of Labor Day. We can get even more specific - the two most dangerous times to drive on thanksgiving day are 2-3 a.m., when bars close and people are heading home, and 6-7 p.m., after that big Thanksgiving dinner.

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