‘I thought I was dead’: 19-year-old says bullet narrowly missed him during road rage shooting on Fort Bend Tollway

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FORT BEND COUNTY – A 19-year-old Missouri City man says he is lucky to be alive after a road rage shooting on the Fort Bend Tollway.

The shooting happened just after 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

Marshall Ervin said it started when the driver of a Black Dodge Challenger started tailgating him as he entered the tollway from Hillcroft.

“The car in front of me was going about 50 to 55 mph. I tried to get around her and get into the fast lane, and at that point, about halfway into my merge, the Challenger sped up so that I couldn’t get over, and then I had to swerve back into my lane,” Ervin explained.

Dashcam video from another driver’s car captured images of the vehicle speeding and swerving during the incident.

“As they were speeding past me, the passenger stuck his head out the window and started staring at me,” he said.

No words or gestures were exchanged, according to Ervin, who said he didn’t expect things to escalate.

“I turn my blinker on to get behind him, and at that point, he starts shooting at me. I’m just like, ‘I’m dead.’ I honestly thought I was dead,” he recalled of the moments bullets started flying.

“I felt it whiz past my head and the glass hit me in my face. One (bullet) hit (the) head level on the passenger side. One hit the passenger side headlight, and both of my passenger side tires were shot out,” Ervin said.

He said he hopes someone recognizes the vehicle so that the driver and passenger can be caught. He also sends a warning out to other drivers to be careful.

“Be mindful, don’t do anything dumb. Even the littlest things can provoke people and they can see it as threatening and potentially do something like this,” he said.

Houston police said they are investigating the incident.

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