‘I felt like my life was on the line’: Victims injured during deadly concert recap timeline of events at Astroworld Festival

Law firm representing 30+ attendees say children witnessed people dying in front of them

Victims recalled their experience during the festival during a press conference on Tuesday evening

HOUSTON – Four of the victims who claim they were injured during the Astroworld Festival on Friday, Nov. 5 detailed the timeline of events from that night on Tuesday evening.

During a news conference held by Attorneys Rick Ramos and Clark Martin of the Law Office of Ricardo L. Ramos, the four victims spoke out about their experience at the festival.

The victims who were present at the conference were: Jonathon Espinoza, Bryan Espinoza, Ashley Chapa and Eligio Garcia III.

Each of the victims are being represented by attorneys Ramos and Martin, who are also representing more than 30 other attendees from all over the state of Texas that say they suffered physical injuries and emotional trauma.

“Our Clients are minors and young adults in college, they have sustained physical injuries, broken ribs, torn hamstring, torn rotator cuffs, and have seen people die right in front of them, all on video footage, the number of damages are in the millions,” said Attorneys Ramos and Martin. “Not one of these young people will be the same physically, nor emotionally. They are ruined in so many ways in their young life. It’s a tragedy that could have been prevented, considering the evidence, videos as well as previous history from last concerts.”

While describing the timeline of events that took place at the festival, each of the victims said they could “feel” something was going to go wrong from early on.

Jonathon Espinoza said he went to the concert with his father and younger brother, Bryan Espinoza. Both Jonathan and Bryan said they spotted multiple people passing out in the crowd while artists were performing, and said security did little to nothing to help.

“I told security that my brother needed help because he felt like he couldn’t breathe and security told me people have been saying that all day and they weren’t letting anyone else out,” Jonathon said.

Jonathon said he and his brother had been standing at the front of the stage watching performers for hours and were tired, but couldn’t get out of the large crowd.

Jonathon said he sustained several injuries from his lower body to his calves and arms.

Ashley Chapa, another concertgoer, said she witnessed a man advertising “LSD for $15″ during the festival. She also said several people were smoking marijuana during the event. She claimed a lack of security made it easy for drug use.

Eligio Garcia also recalled his experience during the festival. He said, during the Travis Scott performance, he fell into a “pit” and landed on several people. He said, at one point during the show, when there was a moment of silence, several people were yelling “help,” but Scott allegedly just kept on with his performance.

WATCH: Victims injured during the Astroworld Festival share their experience during the deadly event

Some of the victims who were injured during the Astroworld Festival are speaking out about their experience. Watch the video above to hear what they had to say.

During the news conference, Ramos referenced an incident during the Astroworld Festival in 2019 where Scott allegedly encouraged the crowds to storm the barricades and into the venue to the point that security could not stop them in time. He also blamed Scott for inciting a mob that led to injuries, which Ramos says he has done in several of his concerts before.

Ramos emphasized that Scott allegedly did not stop the show as concertgoers were being trampled.

Both Ramos and Martin say they are calling this event “one of the deadliest concerts in U.S. history.”

“It’s a tragedy that could have been prevented, considering the evidence, videos as well as previous history from last concerts,” both attorneys said in a statement.

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