Airbnb to crack down on New Years Eve parties in the Houston-area this year

FILE - In this Saturday, May 8, 2021, file photo, the Airbnb app icon is seen on an iPad screen, in Washington. Airbnb said Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, that it narrowed its second-quarter loss to $68 million and saw an increase in bookings, but the company warned that new variants of COVID-19 will make future bookings and cancellations harder to predict. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

HOUSTON – With life returning to near-normal levels since the pandemic began, Airbnb announced that they will bring stricter guidelines and crackdown on parties hosted on New Year’s Eve.

Beginning Tuesday, Airbnb will enact the following criteria in the U.S. and in several countries:

  • Guests without a history of positive reviews will not be allowed to book an entire home for one night.
  • Last-minute reservations will be restricted from guests without a history of positive reviews.
  • Restrictions will be in place for groups who book two nights or more.

The guidelines do not affect those who have positive reviews.

Similar guidelines were in place for both July 4 and Halloween this year.

The guidelines are a part of Airbnb’s global party ban, which introduced a capacity limit of 16 guests and restricts parties or events that may evolve into a larger crowd.

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